TeSeR (Technology for Self-Removal of Spacecraft) was a Project Initiated in 2016 Aiming to Reduce the Risk of Spacecraft Colliding with Debris in space. Project leader is Airbus Defence and Space Alongside 10 European partners, Including GomSpace.

TeSeR is a project of a prototype for a cost-efficient and highly reliable module. The module is to ensure that future spacecraft does not present a collision risk once they reach the end of their nominal operational lifetimes or suffer an in-service failure. The module may also function as a removal back-up in the case of a loss of control over a spacecraft.

GomSpace’s role is to develop the interface with the satellite bus and the system responsbile for safe and timely actuation of the re-entry module.

For more information on partners in TeSeR and their role in the project, please go to: teserproject.eu

Working towards a future where 10s of thousands of satellites can co-exist in low earth orbit with no risk for collisions

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