GomSpace Hands-off Operations Platform (HOOP) is a satellite operations platform built for automation, scalability and flexibility.

HOOP applies the principles of Lights-Out manufacturing to automate satellite operations end-to-end. Designed to help our customers grow their business from the first satellite to a global constellation. It supports all mission phases (pre-ops, LEOP, Operations and Decommissioning).



HOOP provides the following advantages to customers:

  • Moving CAPEX to OPEX: With HOOP you don’t have to invest in the operational infrastructure and acquiring the operational expertise. GomSpace has the expertise on the satellites, several years of operational expertise and state-of-the-art operational tools ready. This way you only start paying when your satellites are launched*.
  • No satellite operations expertise required: Through the customer interface you can remain in control of your assets without needing to know how to operate them or care for the day-to-day operations. You will be able to task your assets, collect the payload data, monitor the service quality and stay in control of the schedule and integrated it with your workflows through this M2M interface.

  • Continuous updates: you will be able to receive new features, bugfixes and other improvements as they are released.

  • Notifications: on your email or mobile, such that you are alerted of significant events.

  • No GSN integration fees: GomSpace has established partnerships with the lead GSN providers and integrated HOOP with their networks. These partnerships ensure the current and future compatibility of GomSpace satellites and HOOP with their services and antennas.

  • On-demand support: we have privileged access to the engineers that designed and built your mission. We can help you improve your mission and troubleshoot any issues that might appear.

  • State of the art security: each mission as a dedicated environment, with end-to-end state-of-the-art security, including cloud environment, user management, satellite communication encryption, and payload data encryption.

  • Onboard software management: managing the update of the software of your payload.

  • Scalable: your mission can grow seamlessly from your first satellite to your full constellation without needing to change the deployment.

  • Flight proven: GomSpace has been operating satellites since 2013, and with a dedicated operational team in Luxembourg since 2018. HOOP has been used operationally since 2020.

HOOP is offered in 3 different licenses



Please  contact our sales department if you want to know more about GomSpace Hands-off Operations Platform.

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