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CAD - Parasolid - 1U
CAD - Parasolid - 2U/3U

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Omnidirectional canted turnstile UHF antenna system

The turnstile antenna consists of four monopole antennas combined in a phasing network in order to form a single circular polarized antenna. The antenna pattern is almost omnidirectional and there are no blind spots which can cause fading with tumbling satellites.

The antennas are compatible with other vendor's structures and can be mounted on either the top or bottom panel of the nanosatellite. The antenna PCB is designed to be the least obstructive to any top or bottom mounted payload or panels. It has a low profile that allows a solar panel to be mounted on top, and a large diameter hole in the middle for a camera lens or similar.

Main Features

  • Omnidirectional canted turnstile cubesat antenna
  • Gain: 1.5 dBi to -1 dBi
  • Frequency range: 400 +- 5MHz or 435 +- 5 MHz
  • Rigid antenna tubes (no risk of antenna deformation while stowed)
  • Matched to 50 Ω
  • Available in 1U and a 2-3U version


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