NanoCom AX Softmodem

Over the past years, a handful of companies have started building extensive ground station networks for communication with satellites in LEO. These ground station networks are now available as services through the commercial providers, which is what the new NanoCom AX Softmodem utilizes.

The modem makes it possible to interface between the ground station networks and your satellite flying with a NanoCom AX2150 TMTC S-band radio. The NanoCom AX Softmodem builds in a compatibility layer between the GomSpace based modules and the commercial ground station networks. On-premise ground stations are thereby no longer strictly necessary to communicate with your satellite. Ever expanding commercial ground station networks improves the coverage and has high availability making it the perfect fit for most LEO missions. 

The Softmodem currently supports mode 5 of the NanoCom AX2150 which is the mode recommended by GomSpace.To serve as an interface between the NanoCom MS100 and the 3rd party ground station system, the Softmodem provides the following features:

  • Golay encoding and decoding
  • Consultative committee for space data systems (CCSDS) based scrambling and descrambling
  • Reed-Solomon (RS) encoding and decoding
  • Cubesat space protocol (CSP) compliant cyclic redundancy check (CRC) encoding and decoding
  • CSP compliant hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) encoding and decoding

A full description of the features in mode 5 can be found in the NanoCom AX-series manuals.

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