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High performing Camera-system for Earth Observation Projects

The NanoCam C1U system is a flexible and modular system to rapidly implement tailored imaging systems based on customer requirements. It is an off-the-shelf configuration consisting off: lens, lens table, image acquisition, processing board, and software.

NanoCam C1U has been designed to be implementable in a standard 1U CubeSat structure together with GomSpace’s on-board computers, attitude control system, radio transceiver and power products to allow low cost Earth observation using CubeSats.

Main Features:

Integrated System:

  • Industrial Lens
  • 3-megapixel color sensor
  • Advanced data processing and storage on-board

Image Acquisition:

  • 1/2" (4:3) format color CMOS sensor
  • 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • 10-bit RGB Bayer pattern

Lens Performance (for each lens version):

  • 8 mm lens: <260 m/pixel from 650 km
  • 35 mm lens: <60 m/pixel from 650 km
  • 70 mm lens: <30 m/pixel from 650 km 
  • 400-750 nm spectral transmission

Data Processing:

  • High performance ARM processor
  • 512 MB on-board DDR2 RAM
  • 2 GB solid state image storage
  • RAW, BMP and JPEG output format


  • CSP-enable CAN, I2C and TTL level serial interfaces
  • Serial port with text-based console for debugging

Mechanical Features:

  • Standard PC/104 size, 96 mm x 90 mm
  • Mass: from 169 g with the 8 or 35 mm lens
  • Mass: from 277 g with the 70 mm lens
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