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CAD - NanoPower MSP-A-2-1
CAD - NanoPower MSP-A-3-1
CAD - NanoPower MSP-A-4-1
CAD - NanoPower MSP-A-6-1
CAD - NanoPower MSP-A-7-1
CAD - NanoPower MSP-B-4-1
CAD - NanoPower MSP-B-4-4
CAD - NanoPower MSP-B-8-2
CAD - NanoPower MSP-D-4-1

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High efficiency modular solar panels for GomSpace 6U structure

Important note : Please refer to Product Change Notice in Product Documents below.

The NanoPower MSP is a modular designed solar panel system to be used on 6U-12U sized nano-satellites. The solar panels are mounted on aluminum plates, which are also shielding the internal satellite components. Temperature and coarse sun sensors are mounted next to the solar panels.

The modular design ensures that besides antennas and sensor the satellite can be fully covered in solar panels to optimize energy production. The back side of the aluminum plate will have the connectors to the EPS and to the data bus.

The MSP is designed to fit with several other GomSpace products:

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