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Technical Documents

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CAD NanoPower DSP 135 deg MK2
CAD NanoPower DSP 90 deg MK2
CAD NanoPower DSP 135 deg Reverse MK2

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Deployable solar panels for 3U and 6U satellites

Important note : Please refer to Product Change Notice in Product Documents below.

The NanoPower Deployable Solar Panel (DSP) is designed to fit on the side of a 3U or 6U satellites. It is composed of three panels connected with spring loaded hinges.

During launch the panels are folded to the side of the satellite inside the deployment pod. Once in space a release system deploys the panels.

The DSP comes in two versions, a 135° and a 90°, both can be mounted on a 3U or a 6U structure. Each version consist of a mounting panel for attaching to the spacecraft structure and 2 deployable panels covered with solar cells. The number of deployable panels are mainly restricted by the available space inside the deployers.

Deployment of solar panels in our Clean Room

Deployment of solar panels


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