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NanoPower P80

For nanosatellite missions with solar power generation of up to 300W, an advanced power system is needed. For the design of the P80 Power System we have drawn on the knowledge in GomSpace from over 10 years of nanosatellite missions. The system features both a scalable high-power solution, multiple input and output channels and battery protection system.

The NanoPower P80 is a power supply module for large nanosatellites or small microsatellites capable of handling solar arrays with up to 300W output power - in a very mass and volume efficient package. It contains three submodules housed in protective shielding:

  • Power Management Unit which is the primary power controller of the system.
  • The Array Conditioning Unit which controls the power flow from the solar panels to the battery and the rest of the system.
  • The Power Distribution Unit which controls the power flow out towards the satellite subsystems.

NanoPower P80 – key features:

  • Power Supply Module
  • Power Management Unit (PMU)
    • Handling up to 4 battery packs
    • EPS master and kill switch logic
    • Deployment device control
    • Max current: 12A
  • Array Conditioning Unit (ACU)
    • 12 MPPT boost converters (12x1A)
    • Killswitch/RFB inhibit switch
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
    • 12 low voltage LUP channels, fed by 4 converters. All low voltage channels can be configured to an arbitrary converter, in hardware.
    • 12 high voltage LUP channels - raw battery channels
    • Max current: 12A
  • Compatible with the GomSpace 6U structure and supports PC-104 mounting holes
  • The system can be interfaced through 3 Gecko connectors with multiple pins for each channel


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